Welcome to West Liberty|GSA 2010

The Governor’s Schools of West Virginia are residential summer sessions for academically and/or artistically talented students from across West Virginia. The Governor’s Schools consist of three programs that take place every summer on the campuses of various colleges and institutions of learning around the state. Students attend workshops, classes, and events with some of the best faculty and instructors from their field. Governor’s Schools, entirely free for students, are administered by the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts. The West Virginia Department of Education also assists with in-kind support.

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37 Responses to “Welcome to West Liberty|GSA 2010”

  1. Ali Summers says:

    Ali it looks like your having a blast !! we love you and are very proud of you

  2. Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I found it wonderful. Best regards, Victoria…

  3. JThompson says:

    You’re very welcome! Thanks for visiting the site!

  4. tholbrook says:


  5. jgilchrist says:

    looking great carlito!!!!!!!!! have a BLAST:) love mom

  6. Ali we are not getting ice cream until you get back…
    You get super large…..Things are fine except Aunt Connie needs a good laugh….

  7. jolynn says:

    the last pictures are just perfect… what a great group… AWESOME day at WLU…. hello to my son, Carlito…. you are missed….. ENJOY..

  8. Mark Clayton says:

    Hi Shawna ……..We miss you…..hope you are really enjoying yourself and your classes. Storm says hi and so does Bella lol Dont get any floggings.

  9. shelndav42 says:

    Mom and dad miss you.Our coffee dont taiste the same lol. Enjoy your time we are so proud of you !! Andrew says hi ! :-)

  10. Tina Holbrook says:

    Hey NNN,
    Love and miss ya..The pics are great. Looks like you all are learning and having fun at the same time. Just wanted to say hello and to remind u we’re pretty much Little Italy bound. ~ ur best girl

  11. LCC says:

    Alexis found your pictures.
    Looks like your having fun.

  12. muzed says:

    We miss you Claire.
    Dad changed the gerbil water. We Love you!

  13. Roger says:

    Kelsea, We miss you and are so proud of you. We love you

  14. redross44 says:

    We hope you are having fun Antrim! Everyone says hi!

  15. redross44 says:

    Antrim, You are looking happy in the pictures we’ve seen. It would be great to see a picture of you playing your oboe. I hope they take some.
    All is well here. Holly brought you some nice things from Germany. Love ya!

  16. Louise Moore says:

    Hi Shawna….Finally figured out how to see you and the fun you are having.Love Nanny

  17. Sabine Ernsting says:

    Hi Janine,
    I believe you have fun. Enjoy your time down there. Ando and I are pretty lonely these day’s. Yannick is working his … off and dad is pretty lonely out in Greece. Saturday dad will take a tour of all the historic places in Greece, he has an tourguide and a driver, pretty cool. He got you some greek things. The training of the dogs goes well too. We are pretty busy this weekend and Sunday I have our 4th of July party. This will be very interesting without you guys. Next weekend Gloria and I are going up to Cape Cod to drop of Fenway and Reily.
    The pictures and video’s you guy’s are making are fantastic. It is so lively and full of expression. I sure greatly appreciate the work everybody is putting in, so that we folks at home can be part of something so special.
    Well honey, you have a wonderful time down there, I miss you terrible and I am so happy for you. Don’t change to much. I sent dad the link and hope that he can view this on his blackberry.
    Love you,

  18. I love your website! did you create this yourself or did you outsource it? Im looking for a blog design thats similar so thats the only reason I’m asking. Either way keep up the nice work I was impressed with your content really..

  19. Shawna,Pastor wanted me to tell you that he and Paula are proud of you and your accomplishments….Love Nanny

  20. jolynn says:

    Looks like everyone had fun in Pittsburgh…. Nice to see you Carlito… Thanks again GSA admin. staff…. you are wonderful people…

  21. Kris Elkins says:

    Hey Cody-Great talking to you last night!! You sound like you are having a fantastic time. We miss you!!!! Love-Your Family

  22. Dear Jake:
    Congratulations on being selected for this camp. We are proud of you.
    We hope to come down to see you play once again. Enjoy the camp

    Aunt Irene & Uncle Mickey

  23. LCC says:

    Ok we were looking at the pictures. What were members of the band KISS doing at the GSA At least that is what they kinda looked like with their faces painted

  24. Lindsey Sayre says:


    Uncle David and I are so proud of you! We’re glad you’re having a good time! Enjoy!

    Aunt Mariann

  25. Mom-o-Q says:

    WOW GSA!!! I am so grateful that these wonderful and gifted young people have the opportunity to be a part of such a [insert your best superlative here :) ] program!!!
    How blessed we all are…THANK YOU!!!

  26. Mom says:

    Ali C you’re the coolest!

  27. Ann Livesay says:

    Amy, We miss you and love you! You were great in the Friday video. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!! Love, Mom, Dad, and Michael.

  28. jgilchrist says:

    Hi Carlito, can’t wait to see you… have a wonderful last week there… looking forward to you coming home….

  29. Mom#1 says:

    To all the DM girls: you are wonderful! I look forward to seeing your bright, shining faces each day on the site. Love you all! <333333333333333

  30. Brittany Peters says:


    I miss you so much but I am so happy for you. I am counting down the days.
    Have Fun

    Love Mama

  31. MAMA SAYS says:


    Miss you much counting down the days. Hope you are having fun

    Love MAMA

  32. Karen Smittle says:


    Can’t wait for you to return home and we can see all your creations. Missed having you dropping in to visit. Enjoy your last day and see ya soon.

    Love, Grammy and Granddad

  33. Lucy Ferrell says:

    Lucy Ward
    please don’t forget it is your mom’s birthday today July 15th. This is her first birthday she has had without since you were born. I know she is going to be some what sad as it is but if you could maybe make a sign that says Happy Birthday to her and hold it up in a picture, since they haven’t taken any of you yet today I know that would mean a lot. If not that then you think of something I know you are very creative. Love your Nana

  34. Lucinda Ward says:

    Thank you Aaron and Jared for letting Lucy wish me a Happy Birthday!! It is the first time I have been away from her on my birthday, so it was very touching to see her wish me a Happy Birthday. Kudos to you young men on the EXCELLENT job you have done during these 3 weeks. You have been comforting to us parents whom have been away from our children. :D

  35. Mama says:

    Hi Britt cant wait to see you. I am so proud of you


  36. Melanie D says:

    Thank you GSA for all of the pictures and videos. They were very well done. AWESOME JOB. The participants will have excellent memories!

  37. Joseph Larry says:

    Thanks for all the pictures and videos. They were great and let us gain some insight into all the fun!!!!

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