Day 17 Video

11 Responses to “Day 17 Video”

  1. Anne Smittle says:

    Loved the spy video! So much fun!

  2. Lisa Caviani says:

    BRAVO vocal students!!!

  3. Tina Holbrook says:

    i cracked up on this. good job. love you NNN and miss you like crazy..

  4. Grandma says:

    Loved the video, so great & unexpected. What talent!

  5. Christine R says:

    Still having loads of fun I see!!! I love, love, love the ending of this video. Mission Impossible…with Vocal People!?!?!?!?! Beautiful!!!

  6. Nicholas Naylor says:

    I also wanted to give a shout out to Jared and Aaron our awsome camera guys :)

  7. Melanie D says:

    Awesome Mission Impossible finish to today’s video! Nice job, vocal group!

  8. Marilee says:

    I loved it. Good job vocal group!! Too cute

  9. Jordan Acree says:

    Loved the video; great job vocal students! miss you Nick! :)

  10. Kris Elkins says:

    Great spy video!! Nice to see all of the fantastic pics every day!! Thanks for all of your time and effort to capture everyone in the videos and pictures. 3 weeks is a long time to not see our kids and the pictures really help!!:]

  11. dave s says:

    WOW loved this video ! mip here was the first few nights…now ali is sad its over ! to everyone at gsa from mentors to food service staff thank you from our family to yours for a graet once in a life time event !!!

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