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Sunday July 18
Facebook add everyone from GSA! Enjoy the rest of your summer and please keep in touch!
– Jared and Aaron

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  1. Pa says:

    Hey Megan Thomas! We love you and miss you. Hope you are having a great time! Love, Gran, Pa and Mom

  2. Mickie Hall says:

    Looks like a really fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joseph Larry says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Take care, Emily!

  4. Teresa W says:

    Have a great time in Pittsburgh Adam!! We miss you! Mom

  5. wiem4luv says:

    Hannah Looks like you got some “culture” today. Sounds like it was a fun break away. Miss you and love you alot.Mom

  6. Monica G says:

    Any plans to celebrate Independence Day?

  7. Sue Barbeau says:

    Hello Annie,

    Happy 4th of July!

    What ? NO fireworks?

    Anyway, love seeing all the video and pictures.

    Love you

  8. jolynn says:

    I was wondering what Carlito would be doing for the 4th… I was soooo glad to see him on the video… Miss you… have fun… What a great day at GSA… Have a great and safe week… Thanks again to all the GSA staff…

  9. Aunt Lynn says:

    Shout out to Claire
    I’m getting ready to ride up and drop off a bag of “stuff” for you! The phone number I called for Sarah….didn’t connect me with the right Sarah. What are the chances that a wrong number would also be answered by someone named Sarah??? Huh??? I don’t want to get you in trouble, so I may call Campus Security if I don’t hear from you (or the right Sarah) lol
    You will also be happy to know that I am putting your parents in time-out for loosing the paper with the Camps contact information. How long do I put them there? One minute for each year? Oh, your Dad will have to be in time-out for 50 minutes on July 6th!!! We know that would be severe punishment for him! lol
    Let one of us know if you receive the stuff.
    Love you, miss you…
    Aunt Lynn

  10. wiem4luv says:

    Wow…A day at Kennywood….Have fun on all those rides. Enjoy seeing all the smiles each day. Miss you Miss Hannah.Hope you finally got the package that I overnighted last week…..Sending something again tomorrow,,,Let me know that you got it…..Love Mom

  11. Emily S. says:

    Hey Ashley,
    MISS YOU!!!!! I am glad you had a good time at Kennywood. I love you.

    EMILY <3

  12. Ash's mom says:

    Hey Ashlie!!!! Love watching the videos. Glad you are having such a great time! Can’t wait to see you. MISSING YOU the most. Everyone else is missing you too. Love you…. Your mom

  13. Lisa Caviani says:

    I can’t believe you will be so close to home today and we can’t stop by for a hug!!!!

  14. dejrfan54 says:

    hey alicia looks like your still having fun. also your getting to travel and see some nice sites miss you and love you mom and dad

  15. Mary Norton says:

    Love you and miss you Cuppie!

  16. Pat Harrah says:

    THANK YOU GSA for ALL the post! Absolutely stunning, beautiful work to all you behind the scenes taking the photos and videos! KUDOS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  17. Karen Smittle says:

    Thank you to all the people responsible for GSA. I know all the students enjoyed themselves greatly. It is nice to a place where everyone can express themselves in their art. Wish I could have been there today to see very thing everyone did. I know the memories will last forever.

    Thank you again for a job well done.

    Karen Smittle, Charlotte’s grandmother

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